2019 - 2020 Detailing Membership Card

We'll keep your car clean and protected regularly

Our detailing membership will make sure you're driving in clean pristine luxury all the time

  • Complete interior detailing (cleaning all surfaces, upholstery, mats, windows, seats)
  • Exterior Hand Wash & Dry
  • Salt stain removal
  • Tire & Rim dressing to clean and prevent corrosion

The detailing membership card can be used 8 times. The membership is available for any type of passenger vehicle (cars, vans, SUVs).

Membership Price:


Complementary Refreshments (coffee, tea, sweets)

Hi-Speed Wi-Fi at our comfy lounge

Wide scheduling

Detailed Satisfaction Guaranteed

How to get the Mississauga Car Detailing 2019 - 2020 Membership Card

Only a limited amount of memberships will be available this year - offer will be discontinued when the limit is reached