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Refresh and preserve your car this winter with a complete detailing package

Our auto detailers at work

The cold season is slowly coming to an end, but odds are your car has taken its toll – from salt causing corrosion on the exterior, to salt stains and dirty carpets in the interior.

With a full service detail, you’ll have all parts of the car cleaned and preserved.

Interior Carpets

Full deep vacuum, salt stain removal, scent refresh

Upholstery, Dash, Seats

Using premium leather cleaners, conditioners


Full interior + exterior windows

Hand Wash

Meticulously soaked and brushed exterior. Hand dry and gloss

Door Jams

Door jams cloth cleaned and dried

Trunk/Compartments Cleaned

Vacuum trunk, clean stowing compartments in vans, back seats in SUVs,

Engine Wash

Sprayed, degreased, wiped

Tires, Rims

Degreasing and polished rims, glossy tire shine

Contact us now – Mississauga Car Detailing – Complete interior & exterior detailing – Serving Mississauga and Oakville – Cleaning your car inside and out until it shines

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