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We’re moving to a new location!

To serve our customers better, we are moving to a brand new location! Our new location will be equipped with upgraded equipment, increased space, and additional amenities for our customers.

Best yet, we will be more centrally located in Mississauga, near the Square One / City Centre area. The address of our new location is:

3455 Wolfedale Rd. Unit 6
L5C 1V8
Mississauga, ON

We are in the process of moving and will provide an update as soon as the new location is up and ready. We are looking forward to continue to serve our customers, as well as new customers from within and around the Mississauga area.

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Mississauga Car Detailing – Frequently Asked Questions

We typically get a lot of similar questions – so we’d decided to compile a list of FAQs, to help address these questions easily.

How long does detailing usually take?

You can expect various different wait times, depending on the package. Generally, however you can expect these estimated wait times:

Gold: 2 – 3 hours
Supreme: 2.5-3.5 hours
Supreme Plus: 6 hours+

These times are estimates and may vary depending on the size and condition of the vehicle. We aim to finish the job within these time frames. However, in some cases we may require more time. If you will be away from the shop while your car is being detailed, PLEASE CALL US BEFORE COMING TO PICK UP YOUR CAR.

Do I wait while my car is being detailed?

It’s up to you. Some of our clients prefer to wait at our shop, while others prefer to pick it up later. If you decide to wait on location, we have a comfortable lounge area where you can relax or get your work done – with Wi-Fi and complimentary coffee & snacks.

Do I book an appointment or can I walk in?

In order to manage our work load, we go by appointments. However, we may have spaces available at a specific given moment, so just contact us to inquire. You can either call us or message us on messenger.

Are there any additional fees / charges?

We have all of our packages priced out so that you know exactly how much you’ll be paying. The only times when there are additional fees added are:

  • Dog / Pet hair: Pet hair takes a significant amount of extra time to remove. As a result, we have to account for this by charging a pet hair removal fee, which ranges from $20-$50, depending on severity.

This is generally the only time when we charge an extra fee. This is discussed and communicated prior to taking the appointment so that there are no surprises.


These are some of the most common questions we get. We’ll update this page with more FAQs on an ongoing basis.

If there are other questions that you need addressed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Car detailing gift certificate for any amount!

Once again, we’ve heard the feedback, and are delivering what many of our clients want. We now have gift certificates that can be purchased to various custom amounts.

See the full product page here, to purchase a detailing gift card online. We also have cards available in-store, and can provide a quality stock-printed card and envelope at no extra charge.

Contact us if you have any questions at all.

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Looking to get a specific part of your car cleaned? We can help!

interior seats being shampooed at our shop

We’ve heard your feedback! Many of our clients are looking to get only a specific part of their car detailed. To address these needs, we now have several different new packages and individual services.

Trending now are our interior detailing packages – which come in both light and heavy versions. We cover all areas including upholstery detailing, interior windows, and interior shampooing.

Check out our detailing services page for a complete breakdown of everything we offer.

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Get your car ready and clean this summer

Gearing up for the Canada Day long weekend? As a lot of families in the GTA, you may be looking to head up north; or at least to make a local excursion to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Whatever your getaway plans are, take your adventures while driving with comfort and style with a full detailing package. Our packages cover all areas including full exterior and interior – digging into every crevice to ensure a fine and detailed cleaning.

See our detailing packages for full pricing and details.

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Refresh and preserve your car this winter with a complete detailing package

Our auto detailers at work

The cold season is slowly coming to an end, but odds are your car has taken its toll – from salt causing corrosion on the exterior, to salt stains and dirty carpets in the interior.

With a full service detail, you’ll have all parts of the car cleaned and preserved.

Interior Carpets

Full deep vacuum, salt stain removal, scent refresh

Upholstery, Dash, Seats

Using premium leather cleaners, conditioners


Full interior + exterior windows

Hand Wash

Meticulously soaked and brushed exterior. Hand dry and gloss

Door Jams

Door jams cloth cleaned and dried

Trunk/Compartments Cleaned

Vacuum trunk, clean stowing compartments in vans, back seats in SUVs,

Engine Wash

Sprayed, degreased, wiped

Tires, Rims

Degreasing and polished rims, glossy tire shine

Contact us now – Mississauga Car Detailing – Complete interior & exterior detailing – Serving Mississauga and Oakville – Cleaning your car inside and out until it shines

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Our back to school promo is almost over!

Have you taken advantage of our back to school fall promo yet? We’ve slashed the prices of our popular Platinum Package – which includes all of our great offerings including hand wash, complete vacuum, engine shampoo, tire & rim dressing/detailing, and much more.

Check out our Pricing & Services page for more or call 647-546-2866 to make an appointment today